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Learning in Cor Jesu school
(St Louis, USA)

Wstępne infomacje dla dziewczyn zainteresowanych programem nauki w szkole Cor Jesu w st Louis w sierpniu/wrześniu 2022r.

The girls come to learn in Cor Jesu 10/11th August and will return home on or around September 10/11

– Books, uniforms, and other items will be provided by Cor Jesu.

– Lunch will be provided by host families (packed lunches) or students can purchase on their own.

– All students are required to bring some type of school appropriate laptop or tablet. (If this is not possible, St. Louis schools can provide loaners).

– Cor Jesu will provide orientation for visiting students before classes begin

The girls will obtain US tourist visas, or enter on US passports. All students will have their own medical insurance, provide a physical exam, and vaccination records before attending classes.


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